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Human Centered Design Resource/User Experience Designer

St. Paul, MN
NorthShore is looking for a contract Human Centered Design/User Experience Designer.
Here are the details of the expected qualifications & responsibilities. We are only considering candidates local to the St. Paul, MN area at this time. Please review the details below and you must meet the minimum qualifications in order to be considered. 
  • Facilitate future state processes that will meet the outcomes of the services and systems integration initiative
  • Work with business leaders to understand current challenges and gaps in their service delivery. If information does not exist facilitate a conversation to identify current state gaps.
  • Conduct market, product, and user research to understand the user and their individual needs
  • Collect data about target users with multiple approaches including surveys, user interviews and focus groups.
  • Construct representative personas based on patterns and commonalities from user research
  • Describe the way in which information is mapped out and organized to communicate a clear purpose, for example, how the information is navigated. g wireframes and prototypes.
  • Partner with IT to identify best solution that will meet the outcomes of the work.
  • Create wireframes to represent different screens or stages of the product throughout the user journey and to serve as a guide for further development and product design.
  • Create prototypes that have a look, feel, and range of capabilities very similar to the projected final product.
  • Lead product testing using a variety of methods users interaction including focus groups, moderated user tests, and unmoderated user tests
  • Knowledge transfer

Minimum Qualifications

  • Five (5) years of User Experience Designer experience
  • Two (2) engagements lasting more than six (6) months each in a User Experience Designer role
  • One (1) year of experience using remote team collaboration tools such as: Microsoft Teams, Skype, SharePoint, etc.

Desired Skills

  • Expert knowledge and ability to apply Human-centered design principles
  • Experience directly interacting with Project Sponsors, Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and Development Team Members.
  • Well-versed in research methods including qualitative and quantitative data collection, and understanding how to plan and conduct research and interpret and analyze findings
  • Knowledgeable about how users navigate and interact with information flows
  • Proficient wireframing and prototyping
  • Strong sense of what design elements will optimize user interactions
  • Familiar with the concept of responsive design
  • Collaboration with a diverse group of individuals within an organization
  • Understanding how users think and feel
  • Active listening, taking initiative, including and eliciting views from others, and brainstorming 
  • Ability to articulate ideas and listen to feedback.


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