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Network Equipment Tracking Consultant

Minneapolis, MN
NorthShore Resources has a need for a Network Equipment Tracking Consultant to help one of our clients teams in developing a system to track network equipment
  1. Business need/project background:
The client has no single system to track networking equipment, leaving current devices untracked and unaccounted. This project will establish a system and best practices for maintaining all County owned networking hardware. Proper tracking and accountability of hardware will prevent fraud waste and abuse of this equipment, in turn reducing overall costs associated with procuring networking equipment. 
  1. Scope of services/description of work to be performed
The vendor providing services will assist the network management department in analyzing current/potential software and practices for tracking current network hardware. Additionally, this vendor will audit all networking equipment deployed and in the storage facility, managed by the network management department. The end goal is to have an accurate account of all networking devices throughout the entire County and a system to manage this count moving forward.
To integrate with current client technologies, our potential solutions for asset management include:
  • ArcGIS (CrescentLink - Network Manager)
  • Cisco – DNA Spaces
  • Nlyte – TAM 
Additional desirable management platforms include Cisco DNA Spaces for physical device tracking using CCX compatible devices, WiFi, BLE, and RFID. 
  1. Specific skills/experience required:
The vendor providing services will have experience with network equipment inventory management. This experience should include:
  • Receiving and processing of new inventory
  • Software management of all inventory
  • Tracking of:
    • physical locations of all inventory
    • product lifecycles
    • product licensing
  • On-boarding of new equipment
  • Off-boarding of old/obsolete equipment 
Experience with ArcGIS, Cisco, and/or Nlyte is preferred. 
  1. Project deliverables:
The client will audit all network equipment and work with the network management team to identify and choose the best inventory management platform for tracking equipment. An inventory management system will be decided upon by 10/31/2021. Auditing of equipment will be complete by 11/31/2021 and ready to input into the inventory management system for tracking by 12/31/2021.
  • Completion of an audit of all internal networking equipment.
  • Technical review of all potential inventory management software’s currently owned by the client.
  • Recommendations and supporting reasons of which software is recommended for use.
  • Input of audit data into recommended inventory management software.
  • Documentation of processes and procedures for use of inventory management software by Network Management staff for future and continuous use.

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